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“Black Apple” is a unknown designer in Transformers community. He usually using official design from Hasbro, and made a lots of modification to make the toy bigger and more detailed.

No one know who “Black Apple” is, but he usually worked with Wei Jiang, the knock off Transformer brand.

This toy is based on MPM-04 design from Hasbro. But Wei Jiang and Black Apple do a lots of modification, adding die-cast parts. At this time, it is considered as the most beautiful Optimus Prime toys ever made.

This toy ‘s height is 30cm in robot mode and weight 2kg. He can transform in to a Peterbilt 379 truck.

Transform stop motion

This stop motion is the transformation for MPM-04 toys, which have the same joint as Wei Jiang Black Apple Optimus Prime.


Video review

Review from user:

“Best Movie Optimus Prime figure for now, in terms of detail and CGI accuracy.

This figure is an Oversized Version of HASTAK MPM Optimus Prime with several modifications that make it more accurate with the CGI model.

For the paint, there are some parts that have a rusty effect, but unfortunately only a small part of the figure itself. But this is quite interesting, because it makes the robot mode look rusty but for vehicle mode will look clean and shiny.

Articulation it is rather limited, either because of the complexity of the transformation or indeed from the basic mold which is indeed lacking in terms of articulation (I have never had an MPM OP before)Accessories, including two buster guns, two energon swords, a Diecast Matrix of Leadership and an optional face.Overall, this is a must-have figure, especially for Optimus Prime lovers.”

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 10 cm

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